Algae in the Above Ground Pool Stairs Steps

Jun 16th
Confer Above Ground Pool Steps

Above ground pool stairs steps – Seaweed is the nightmare of pool owners everywhere. The algae grow and reproduce quickly, and if not controlled properly, you can quickly invade your pool with green or brown mud. Not only is algae unsightly, but it has a very slippery texture as well. The surfaces covered with algae are often very slippery. This is particularly problematic if you happen to have algae growing on the stairs of your pool above the ground. Since the stairs that lead to the pool are often several feet from the ground, a layer of algae can easily cause a fall that will hurt people entering or leaving the pool. Seaweed on your pool steps indicates a larger algae problem within the pool itself.

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ideas for fight the algae in the above ground pool stairs steps, check the filter, pump and chlorinator to make sure they are in good working order. Your pool equipment should work properly to circulate water, chlorine and algaecides for your algae treatment to be effective. Treat the pool with 30 ppm free chlorine.

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Clean any seaweed you can see with the naked eye. If you have algae on your swimming pool steps, you can be sure that you have algae growth in the pool somewhere else. Brush all the seaweed you can see outside the steps of the pool and the walls with a pool brush and vacuum the bottom of the pool. Treat the pool with algaecide. The type of algaecide that will be most effective in your pool will depend on the type of algae you have.

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