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May 2nd
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Bathroom ceiling lighting ideas is an important aspect in your bathroom. We make your choice easier with these handy tips and trends. Nothing as frustrating as too little light at the bathroom mirror. A fluorescent lamp is very suitable for frontal light, but the choice has not yet been made. On each fluorescent lamp are numbers: 840, 830, 940…

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The first digit represents the color rendering, the last two for color temperature. Not every fluorescent lamp therefore necessarily has to emit cold and hard light. Determine what is most important to you (a modern bathroom works well with colder light, a romantic bathroom with warm light) and make your choice based on that.

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Fluorescent lamps that have a 9 as the first digit are the strongest in the color rendering of daylight. A common mistake in bathrooms is to provide only one light point for the basic lighting, centrally in the room. Preferably provide three light points of 20 watts (250lm) than one of 50 watts (635lm): the more you can spread the light around the room, the better. That creates more atmosphere.

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