Best Colors for Modern Home Interior

May 29th
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Modern Home Interior – The colors you choose to paint the interior walls is a personal decision. As an individual, you can have your own color responses and can use to express your own style. However, there are some standard principles on the application of color and tone that affect the perceived size, brightness and mood of a room, and understanding these principles can give you tools to achieve the environment you imagine in your home.

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In the painting of a large room, if you want the room to feel as large as possible, continue with light tones such as raw, brown, white and cream eggshell, or use a very light shade of a primary color like the sky, pale blue-green yellow or light. On the other hand, if you want to make a great cozy room by visually pulling the walls a bit, opt for dark colors such as Burgundy, forest green, indigo blue or mahogany.

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Light painting colors reflect the light and make a room look more spacious. Grizzly or light shade earth like natural tan can give the depth of the walls without making them appear as if it is closing. If you want the ceiling in a small room to appear taller, there are two easy solutions. One is to paint the room in a monochromatic palette, that is, to paint the walls and ceiling the exact same shade of the light painting. The other is to choose a lighter shade for the ceiling you used on the walls, which deceives the eye in the belief that the ceiling is receding.

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