Building Garden Potting Bench

Mar 21st
Image Garden Potting Bench
Image Garden Potting Bench

Garden potting bench will make the task of potting up plants an even nicer exercise by giving you an area to work outdoors. Being outdoors enjoy the garden is the object, so any job that can be done outside is a plus, especially on sunny days with a light breeze, so the potting bench is an important part of the equipment for working outdoors. This project is the construction of a basic potting bench, about 3 feet long, 2 feet wide.

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Join two 30 1/2 inch 2x4s and the two 36 inch 2x4s shown in the picture, but don’t nail them together, we’ll glue them then nail them together. The nails will serve double duty as fasteners and clamps. Glue and nail 30 1/2 inches and 36 inch pieces together. Garden potting bench can I would start the nails in the shorter part with the nails just protruding on the other side, so when you go to nail the two glued up pieces the tips of the nails will catch the other 2×4 prevents the two parts sliding out of alignment. Next glue and nail the legs to two feet 11 inches 2×6, one leg flush with the end and the other leg 24 inches from the same end. The outside measurement of the legs will be 24 inches.

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Make sure to straighten the legs before gluing and nailing. After attaching the legs we place a crossbar in the legs. Here I measure six inches up from the garden potting bench of the legs and mark the waste area to cut out for the crossbar. Measure another 3 1/2 inches from 6 inches mark this will be the width of the cross bar, mark this area with an “X” and remove the waste. Set your circular saw to the depth of a 2×4, is an easy way to just get a scrap piece of 2×4 and measure the blade deep with it. With the waste removed glue and the nail in the 24 inch crosspiece. Perform the same procedure for the other leg, just make sure you glue and nail the other 2×6 in the opposite direction as in the picture.

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