Building White Farmhouse Table

Mar 19th
White Farm Table With Bench

White farmhouse table look on the inside of a home is easily gained by knowing a little about woodwork. Using the right kind of wood is the key to creating a rustic table. Pine works because of the high grain. In addition, there are things you can do to lumber so that it looks even more rustic than it does when you buy it from the point of sale

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You need:

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Place 2x10s on a work table. Place the angle hook as close to the end of one of 2x10s as possible. Draw a line across the timber and cut line with electric miter saw. Repeat this for each of the four 2x10s. White farmhouse table this action will ensure that one end of the timber is the square. Repeat this on others 2×10. Measure from the square end of a 2×10 and make a mark of 57 inches. Cut 2×10 this length. Repeat this until you have four 2x10s, 57 inches long. Set aside for now.

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Place the 2x4s on the work table. Measure from the end of two of them, make a mark at 53 inches and cut them with an electric miter saw. Next, measure and cut six 2x4s, 31 inches in length. Place all timber on a flat surface of white farmhouse table, light gas burner and drive it across the grain slowly. The high grain will burn and create a rustic look. Stand all 2x4s on their edges. Measure and mark every 6 inches. Drill a hole countersink at least 1-inch depth with countersink on all these marks. Glue the long edges of the 2x10s and clip them with bare clips overnight. This step is optional and will require a tape slip to remove dried glue and create a smooth plane.

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