Can You Change Height of 36 Inch Bathroom Vanity

Jul 3rd
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36 Inch Bathroom Vanity – Bathroom counters and vanities are generally within a narrow range when it comes to height. CornerHardware notes that they tend to stay less than 31 inches tall. This does not work for everyone, however, as people can vary in height by a couple of feet and not inches. Temporary solutions only do so much. To customize the height of the vanity to your needs, you must resort to some remodeling.

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In addition to dealing with the height of your own vanity, you have to adjust the entire dressing table as well. Many bathrooms have mirrors that are large panels located on the edge of the vanity; you must cut or change the mirror if you raise the vanity. Outputs pose a problem, too, because the new height of the vanity lid can interfere with access to the circuits. Lowering the vanity does not create problems with mirrors and exits, other than repainting the newly exposed parts of the wall, but you have to deal with shortening the faucets and drains.

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If you need to increase the vanity you are not stooping so much to items on the surface, but you do not want to do all the construction work necessary to move it, you may prefer to add shelving shelves or plastic drawers. Install faucets that are slightly taller, too, so that you do not have to bend down enough to wash your hands. Lowering the height because someone who is short is uncomfortable for the taps or objects in the back is much more difficult.

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