Good Tips for Diy Regrouting Floor Tile

Jul 6th
Regrout Or Replace Tile

Regrouting floor tile – A tough job, but necessary to place your beautiful new tiles. Removing the existing tiles is increasingly a job that is done ‘yourself’, whereby the tile only does what he is good at, putting tiles. If you carry out the removal of the tiles independently, this can often save a considerable amount on the total price. Of course, good tile tools are indispensable.

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Always start at the bottom in a corner and then work upwards. If the tiles are glued, always try to pry the tiles loose. If this succeeds, you are lucky and the job will be a lot easier! Always try to tap the tiles with a chisel, in case they are glued and cannot be pried loose by hand. Place the chisel under the tile and give a quick tap, after which hopefully the tile will come loose in 1 piece!

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In the case of mortar, the tiles probably have to be cut off piece by piece from the wall / floor. Preferably use a kango hammer for this. When using a kango hammer, we always recommend a breathing mask (it dusts a lot!), Good work gloves and safety glasses. Taping the passage is also a good idea because of the dust! When using a kango hammer, we recommend chopping the tiles sideways.

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