How to Install the Wood Tile Stairs

Jul 11th
Tile Stair Edging
Tile Stair Edging

Wood Tile Stairs – Tile floors offer owners a variety of design and style options, but when it comes to stairs, things can be a bit tricky. It cannot be installed directly on wooden stairs since the wood tends to expand, contract or change with changes in humidity, temperature, and pressure. Over time, the density of the tile can stain the wood.

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Sweep or vacuum the stairs to remove all dirt, dust and other debris. Set a piece of reinforcement board on the top surface of the ladder to be a ¼ inch from the wall, railing or previous step on all sides. Line and trace on the base plate of the horizontal stair lift, as well. Score the cutting lines of the base plate with a sharp knife or a support board knife. Turn the blade and pull up the edge closest to the line so that the plate folds along the line.

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Mix the thin-film adhesive mortar and additives per product instructions. Start at the top of the ladder and work your way, so you do not have to stand on the newly laid tile while you work. Spread a thin layer of thin-set mortar over the tread surface of the upper staircase with the notched trowel. Set complete tiles that cover the upper tread until you have more space. Lay tiles in the first rise zone, if they intend to tile the bands. Remove the spacers. Mix the grout and water as indicated in the product instructions. Run the grout in all joints of the stairs.

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