How to Make Copper Table Lamp Base

Jul 8th
Attractive Copper Lamp Target

Copper Table Lamp – Industrial and construction elements, such as copper pipes add to an urban or eclectic style. Furniture and home decor designers have worked on sculpture copper pipes, shelves, tables, fountains and various lighting elements. Copper pipe is especially useful in the latest application since Ts copper, elbows and other connectors allow some creative and conveniently hollow base construction.

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Join two equal lengths of the copper tube on the sides of an appropriate opposite copper T. Repeat the process for four other sections of the copper tube and two more Ts. Pipe lengths and diameter may vary, but for a non-fail process, use at least half an inch or wider tube diameter in a length of at least five inches each. Place two of your tubes connected in parallel with each other, with their central holes facing the space between the tubes. To join the two pipes in these central holes, using the remaining length of the connected pipe. Now it has an “H” shape made with copper tube.

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Turn the remaining copper T, which is in the center of the “H”, so that it faces up. Cover the ends of all other openings with rubber tube caps. Fix a long section of copper tube for this opening upwards. This is the lamppost pole. Play with, bend and turn in the pipes until the structure feels stable and looks as planned. Your DIY copper lamp post is now ready for wiring.

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