How to Prepare Modern Bathroom Tiles

May 26th
Modern Bathroom Tile Designs Pictures

Modern bathroom tiles – Before laying tile in the bathroom, it is important to prepare the floor by removing the old floors and inspecting the subfloor for damage. If tiles in bathrooms require a flat surface that is free from cracks and holes. Preparing the bathroom floor tile ensures tile lasts longer and prevents any damage to the substrate. Using a cement backer board provides an extra layer of protection, making the floor more robust and less prone to damage.

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Remove the toilet by unscrewing and removing the two nuts on each side, and then pull it straight up. Repeal the toilet and on the modern bathroom tiles you are not working on. Scrape the wax ring from the floor and dispose of it. Remove the old flooring material. If it is carpet, vinyl or linoleum, pull up and use a scraper to remove any remaining glue. Sweep and vacuum the floor, remove all debris. Remove any nails, staples or screws left in the subfloor, with pliers. Use joint seal or crack filler to fill all holes or cracks in the floor.

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Cover the floor with a cement backer board material purchased from your local builder’s delivery. The backer board protects your sub floor from future water damage by adding a moisture barrier. Measure the modern bathroom tiles and cut the backer board to fit the room. Use an angle bracket to score your cut and use a carbide blade cutter to cut the backer board. Lay the backer board over the floor and screw in the floor sliders about every eight inches. Leave a gap between the boards and fill it with thinnest mortar, with a taping knife.

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