How to Refinish Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oct 15th
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Red oak hardwood flooring – Water damage to a wooden floor will not always affect the structural integrity of the floor, but it will destroy the shiny finish and discolor the wood underneath, generally darkening it in the pattern of the water. If the floorboards rot, come up or otherwise physically damaged, you need to do some serious floor repair and should consider hiring a professional. But if the damage is just the end of the floor, and the boards are in decent shape, you can refinish.

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Make sure there are no nail heads or other obstructions that protrude from the floor before you begin grinding. Cargo red oak hardwood flooring grinding machine with heavy sandpaper. Begin grinding in a remote corner of the room, work your way out. Move the grinding machine into long, slow pulls with the wood grain until the glossy gloss is off the floor. This time, you are working to remove the top layer of wood to get past the discolored layer on the damaged area. Sand until you are just down to wood, and the damaged and undamaged areas look the same.

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Sweep and clean the red oak hardwood flooring carefully. Put on rubber gloves. Shake and open can stain. To work in areas with a few square feet, generously brush the stain on the floor.  Continue until the entire floor has been stained. Let it dry overnight. Open the can of polyurethane gloss and gently tube. From the far corner of the room, gently brush the gloss on the floor in slow strokes, after the wood’s grain. If bubbles are formed, slowly train them with the brush. Continue until the entire floor is covered. Let it dry overnight.

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