Ideas For Connect Tile and Wood Floor

Apr 7th
Stone-To-Hardwood Trim Strips

Tile and wood floor – Homeowners and home builders often use transitional profiles when two different types of floors are found. Transitions not only make a floor look finished, they protect the edges of the track from misuse and wear. One of the most common types of transition strips is called T-molding, which is used to bridge a tile and a wooden floor when the level of the two floors is the same. T-molding with the support surfaces of the floors on each side and must be installed as soon as the new floor is complete.

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Ideas for connect tile and wood floor; vacuum the space between the wood floor and the ceramic. Make sure there is no debris left to raise the transition plate. Measure and mark the length of your T-molding, then cut the T-molding to your measurements with a table saw.

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Pre-fit into the T-molding between your ceramic floor and your wood floor. The molding should not be squeezed, and more than a quarter of an inch of the molding should protrude from each side of the floor. You do not want the molding to be squeezed into the hole, since you want to allow the expansion and contraction of the wooden floor. Apply a bead of construction adhesive along the edge of the ceramic tile track. Place the T-molding in the position and press firmly. You may want to place some books or heavy objects in the molding while it heals for 24 hours.

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