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Mar 19th
Garden Ikea Potting Bench

Garden potters bench – Many gardeners use potting benches when mixing soils and potting plants. A potting bench provides a workplace, catches spilled potting mix, dirt and debris and helps avoid contaminating potting soil with soil dirt or water runoff.


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Many nurseries create garden potters bench from concrete as part of a mounting line to assemble trusses. A concrete paving bench can be made from a cast, raised concrete slab or constructed with slag blocks. Construct the bench in a V-shape to make sweeping spilled soil in a container easier. A plate 3 yards wide and 5 yards long holds 3 cubic meters of potting media, roughly the amount in a pre-packaged ball of peat.

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Many computer desks have the basic garden potters bench as well as lots of shelves for storing soil, containers and tools, making them generally easy to reuse in a garden bench. An ergonomic computer table allows a gardener to work on plants and containers sitting without straining their neck, back, shoulders or arms. Add a layer of polyurethane to the desk to make it more weather resistant.

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A baking rack is designed to perform the same function for bakers as a potting bench does for the gardener: provides a comfortable and durable workplace. Because of this, potting benches and bakery rack provided with a small resemblance. Both are robust, with a work surface at kitchen counter height. The similar design allows a baker rack to turn into a potting bench easily. The hooks on the back of the rack that once kept kitchen utensils can hold a garden trowel and cultivator.

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