Ideas for Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Apr 21st
Wonderful Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring
Wonderful Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood flooring that needs a small thing but not necessarily a complete sanding and new stain can be a good candidate for screening. Screening is the process of removing only the gloss cover of a floor without grinding. When the old gloss is turned off, new gloss can be set that protects and beautifies the floor.

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Fill the floor buffer with a medium screening disk. Run it over the entire floor, moving in the direction of the boards, so it takes the top layer of gloss from the floor. Work all over the floor. Remove the abrasive dust with a vacuum cleaner. Load the buffer with a fine abrasion screening disk. Screen reclaimed hardwood flooring as before, the surface becomes smooth and flat. Soak up the dust. Brush the polyurethane gloss on the screening surface using a finishing brush. Begin in the far corner of the room, away from the doorway. Brush on a smooth, thin coating that works in the direction of the floorboards. Make the whole floor.

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Allow the polyurethane for six to eight hours. Go over the dried gloss with the buffer and extra fine screening pad, which should do nothing more than some dull shine. Brush on a second layer of polyurethane. Let dry. Go over it with the buffer, and then brush on a third coat. Let it dry for 48 hours. Reclaimed hardwood flooring with sealer. When you push up a floor with a little worn penetrating sealer, paint a thin layer of existing sealer type over the worn spots. Follow the application instructions on the sealer container and apply the sealer by rubbing it. When fully resealed a floor, paint a layer of penetrating sealant or surface finish evenly over the entire floor.

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