Ideas to Install White Kitchen Sink

Apr 11th
Traditional White Kitchen Sink
Traditional White Kitchen Sink

White kitchen sink – One of the final steps when installing a new kitchen sink is the installation of a kitchen sink basket strainer. A sieve sink basket acts as a guard to prevent large food debris and other objects from entering your drain and clogging the drain pipe. Strainer sink baskets also seal around the sink drain to prevent water leakage. Sink strainer baskets are available at home improvement centers.

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Clean the area around the sink drain with a cloth to remove any dirt or debris. You want a smooth surface when the strainer sink basket is installed to ensure a leak-proof seal. Squeeze a small ball of plumber’s putty out of the container and place the putty in the palm of your hand. Roll the putty in your hands until you have a short, 1/8 inch rope. Place the putty rope on the bottom of the flange of the strainer basket sink. The flange is the portion of the basket that sits around the circumference of the sink drain.

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Place the strainer in the sink drain sink, making slight pressure to seat the putty around the hole. Take the rubber washer and paper that come with the sink filter basket, along with the lock nut, and go under the sink. Place the rubber washer over the strands of the strainer sink basket, and slide the paper washer over the threads. Screw the lock nut onto the sink basket until it is tight against the washers and sink.

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