Installing Best Farmhouse Sink Connections

Apr 22nd
Style Best Farmhouse Sink
Style Best Farmhouse Sink

Best farmhouse sink come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. But they have one thing in common, before they are useful, they require water connections to carry water to the faucets and drain connections to get the water out of the house. Fortunately, installing kitchen sink connections is not a difficult task and in many cases, instructions for them are included in the parts when purchased. Make sure you have the right tools and can briefly work on this task.

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Locate the water line connection on the bottom of the faucet. Wrap the threads with thread sealing tape clockwise. This will prevent you from getting out by connecting the water pipes. Hold the water supply lines for the threaded connections on the bottom of the key with a wrench. For a new installation, insert the water lines through the holes in the top of the sink and the faucet in the sink with the nuts provided.

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Connect the water supply lines to the shut-off valves by hand. Tighten them with a key. Turn on the water. Open the kitchen sink drain kit and separate the parts. Locate the drain tube, which is a short tube that drains from the screws in the bottom of the sink. Connect the drain pipe to the sink with the nut provided. Connect the trap in P to the end of the queue. Slide the nut provided over the end of the drain pipe, push the siphon into the drain pipe and secure it with the nut.

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