Painting Bathroom Tile Easily: Read on!

Aug 4th
Refinishing Ceramic Tile
Refinishing Ceramic Tile

Painting bathroom tile – You can easily give the tiles on your bathroom a “makeover” with a good time paint. We tell you here how to do it – both the light and the tough way.  If you want to paint the bathroom wall with a product that is even more resistant, then a 2-component epoxy paint is a good alternative to water-based paint. The tiles in the bathroom must first be thoroughly washed through with lime scale. Then wash with a strong detergent.

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On the tiles, there is invariably always some fat and it must be washed away. On tiles that are not completely clean, the paint will peel off more easily. First, clean the surface thoroughly. Then use a primer to give the paint a surface to which it can adhere. It dries quickly! Two-component paint consists of two components: paint and a hardening substance. It is important that you first mix the two parts really well together.

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Also, be sure to apply the paint immediately, as it dries quickly. If necessary, use a drill with a craftsman whisk to mix the two components effectively together. And you can adds that epoxy paint can also be cracked on the floor of the bathroom. There it will take a while. However, there will be some wear and tear around the drain and it will prove relatively fast.

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