Repair Dimmer Table Lamp of Fluorescent Bulbs

Apr 11th
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Dimmer Table Lamp – Fluorescent lamps are light tubes that use a gas discharge to function. The electrodes at each end of the light source. Phosphor layers of the tube and that produces light. Some fluorescent lights come immediately (with quick start bulbs); preheat others for a moment before turning it on. In either case, when the lamp or accessory does not work properly, the fluorescent light may appear dimmer than normal. Often, you can solve the problem by yourself.

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Install a new fluorescent bulb in the lighting fixture to replace the dim. Take the old bulb to make sure the problem is your accessory and not a molten bulb. Insert the new bulb into the fixture by placing the side of the peg into the corresponding holes in the appliance. Push the other end of the bulb on the opposite side of the fixing device.

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Use indoor fluorescent lamps in temperatures above 50 ° Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the lamp will not be able to generate enough heat to be fully illuminated. Insulate the bulbs with plastic lamp covers and plastic covers of temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Use only high-performance lamps in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn the fluorescent bulb 180 degrees if you see a dim shape, like feathers.

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