Smart Ideas for Farmhouse Bathroom

Oct 31st
Farmhouse Bathroom Tile Floor

The farmhouse bathroom is charming and full of personality, but often the bathrooms have some adjustments. The bathrooms in the old houses can be small and in poor condition, gigantic and with drafts, horrible tile cover or hidden in the attic. You do not have to mortgage again to fix the bathroom. Work with what you have and use color, old cabinets and a hammer to civilize the bathroom.

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A small farmhouse bathroom becomes a vintage spa, when the walls fall. A small bedroom can be sacrificed to expand an old narrow bathroom. In the process, it is possible that some of the unexpected benefits in an old house. Your new bathroom will certainly have more light with the addition of at least one additional window, if not several. You could get a fireplace just think of water baths toasting before the fire in a bathtub with deep legs. Keep it spacious with a lot of white paint, white octagonal floor tile and white porcelain accessories.

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Fix an old bathroom under the eaves with paint. An attic bathroom in a summer house can be a place of retreat, gathered for pennies with items from around the house. Shine the old tub and give it a new layer of enamel if you get a hit. Clothesline section that goes from the ceiling beams to hang wet towels and loop another piece of the line through each window to hang curtains with clip. Make curtains of vintage clothes, pillowcases, old-fashioned embroidered kitchen towels or lace tablecloths.

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