Super Useful Kitchen Sink Cabinets Storage

Apr 17th
Undermount Sink Cabinet
Undermount Sink Cabinet

Kitchen sink cabinet – The awkward space under the kitchen sink is a challenge when it comes to storing options in the kitchen – drainage pipes and hoses create a wilderness of nooks and crannies! If you have a kitchen refurbishment while moving up and have the opportunity to be flexible with the design of the cabinet under the sink, it is fantastic. But don’t worry: if your existing kitchen is equipped with one of the most impractical ones, many of the ideas here are still useful.

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Most cabinets under the kitchen sink have either one room or a shelf halfway up, and there are a wide range of solutions for both type. Many solutions look great on images, but it is important to take into account the practical side of the case in the half-wet, smelly sub-cabinets.

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Many of the things we store under the sink are wet and possibly corrosive: here used scouring pads, damp tea towels and various cleaning agents, and this can greatly affect the durability of your cabinet solution. Also, remember that it should be easy to remove the contents of the cabinet if acute plumbing problems occur. If you have shelves, drawers or something else of wood or melamine, remember to keep them dry! Otherwise you run the risk of the moisture causing the wood to swell.

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