To Finishing Basement Stairs With Carpet

May 1st
Carpeting Basement Stair
Carpeting Basement Stair

Finishing basement stairs – To do finishing basement stairs with carpet, starting with step 1, measurements; Begin by measuring the length of one step from end to end. Then measure the width of one step and multiply it by the number of steps you have. Measure the distance from the bottom of the top step to the top of the next step and multiply it by each of these sections. Add all these numbers together, convert to inch to feet. And add an extra foot to accommodate the stair lip. Take these final measurements to the carpet store and choose the carpet you want. Cut it to the size you need.

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Step 2, how to carpet stairs installation

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Now that the rug is cut to the desired size. Place the end of the blanket at the end of the top step and staple it in place along the top edge and sides. Several staples will work fine, but you can add as many as you like. Pull the carpet tightly and fold it under the tree’s lip until it touches the staircase or stairs back and staple it in place. If your basement steps have a back, then it is useful to use a knee kicker to flush the carpet to the tree. Continue this way until the basement staircase is covered with carpet. Go over the carpet that adds staples that you find appropriate. Use the tool knife to trim excess carpet.

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Step 3, finishing stairs

With the basement staircase completely carpeted, you now want them to look finished and be safe to climb. It can be done in two compatible ways. Vinyl coatings with built-in teeth that grip the carpet are available for the stairs. Cut the vinyl food and place it over the carpet. Press it to secure it. Rubber carpet runners are also a good idea. Place them along the lip of each staircase and nail them in place using several tack nails.

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