Wood VS Iron on Industrial Kitchen Island

Jul 21st
Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Island
Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Industrial Kitchen Island – The choice between wood and steel for a kitchen island can be a challenge. A kitchen island is a preparation center, snack bar, breakfast room and the surface for the deployment of cake dough, homemade pasta and bread dough. It can be warm and cozy, vintage and evocative, or industrial and professional – its decoration and use to determine the choice of materials. The kitchen islands in wood or stainless steel each have disadvantages and advantages. But both are attractive options for your kitchen.

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The wooden kitchen islands are warm, traditional and easy to transform into a table for a quick family meal. In a country kitchen, a wooden island can have a base painted with drawers and cabinets and a surface with a safe food finish. Maintaining a wooden surface is easier if the kitchen in the kitchen is light. In fact, intensive use will wear the wood and probably heal and stain it despite careful cleaning.

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Stainless steel is contemporary and fresh and can be elegant or industrial in style. You never have to worry about burning a ring with a hot steel pan and it is very easy to clean. Steel is very strong, but it is not invincible. A steel finish may be badly scratched, so you should use a cutting board to cut and chop. A wood cutting board will protect your expensive knives as well, as contact with steel will hinder your blades.

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